partnering for your success

Partnering for your success

GrowthHouse is a dynamic, multi-faceted, independent brokerage that offers clients expert financial advice and tailor-made solutions across the financial services spectrum. With our trusted brand, multiple provider contracts and category licensing, this gives us the edge in providing exceptional service to clients while remaining agile and adaptable to their needs.

We maintain contracts with 24 healthcare providers and 68 providers across our Short-Term, Retirement, and Group Risk services which enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of insurance, financial, and wellness products for businesses. Our offering includes employee benefits, risk solutions, and integrated corporate benefits with wellness as the foundation.


The GrowthHouse healthcare team strives for member-centric engagements that enable us to gain a deeper understanding of your landscape. This understanding equips us to identify gaps in overall member wellness, all while embracing our vision of holistic wellness.

Establishing holistic wellness involves a journey of member education, data-driven insights for members and employers, and proactive management of potential health risk gaps. This approach helps employees understand health risks that may impact their employees balance between home and work life. A healthy employee, addressing emotional, financial, and physical well-being, has been proven to be a more productive contributor to their families, work, and society as a whole.

Our seamless process begins with understanding your business needs, and then formulating a solution that will benefit your staff–not just for today, but by keeping a finger on the regulatory pulse for upcoming changes that may impact you.

Short-term insurance

Discovery Business Insurance, a division of Discovery Insure, is a commercial insurer that comprehensively protects businesses through innovative technology-enabled solutions. Our business insurance product is underpinned by our shared-value model of insurance which uses incentive-based insurance principles to encourage behaviour change that reduces the insurance risks and results in savings for the insurer. These savings are then shared with clients to further incentivise behaviour change.

Retirement Funds

Through our providers, GrowthHouse is enabled to provide customised pension and provident fund solutions to your employees. Our offerings can be tailored to suit your business’s unique requirements. Choose between standard or customized packages, allowing employees to take charge of their retirement contributions and investment portfolios.

Risk Solutions

GrowthHouse also offers risk cover through our providers to protect your employees and their families against financial difficulty in the event of death, disability and severe illness. Our aim has always been to inspire employees to lead healthier lives and unlock financial value from our dynamic protection benefits which are enhanced through Vitality. Our shared-value approach continues to provide superior outcomes for our clients by offering unique product features and competitive pricing.

We accommodate you by offering both online and face-to-face consultations.

Financial advice includes:

Risk Planning

You get certainty and clarity on your current and future financial wellbeing through good financial and risk planning. Life insurance is vital to your peace of mind. We are here to offer, and support, you and your business with a collection of customisable benefits that cover the full range of life-changing events, including death, disability, loss of income and severe illness.

Medical and Gap cover

We can provide you with a selection of different health plan options to choose from that best suit your employees health and financial needs, at any stage of life. We also offer additional protection against unforeseen medical costs that can place strain on you and your business.

Employee Benefits

Attract, reward and retain your employees with the wide range of options we have available for your company and its employees.

Savings and Retirement

We are here to help you ensure that you and your employees save enough to maintain your lifestyles in retirement. We offer a full range of investment plans to help you invest towards retirement and achieve other investment goals.

Investment Planning

We offer a suite of products that cater for all your financial goals whether they for the creation or preservation of wealth, short or long term. We have a solution to fit every need.

Estate Planning

We ensure complete peace of mind in the event of you passing away. We offer specialised estate planning to protect and safeguard your legacy.

Employee Wellness

We partner with various wellness programmes that reward you and your employees for healthy behaviour.

Personal and Commercial Short Term

We offer benefits from comprehensive cover, innovative technology, world-class safety features, rewards and excellent service solutions, all to protect your personal and commercial assets.


Discovery’s shared-value banking approach gives you more for managing your money well – enhanced rewards, better interest rates and a smarter banking experience. Their range of accounts lets you unlock even more value from your other Discovery products.